Exact audio copy dvd

Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy — бесплатный граббер аудио с модулями чтения дисков работающий при помощи стандартных CD и DVD-ROM приводов.

Exact Audio Copy граббер поддерживает все виды дисков (CD и DVD, в том числе USB, Firewire, SATA и SCSI диски). Программа имеет скрытый сектор синхронизации или иными словами коррекция джиттера (дрожания или частотные отклонения цифрового сигнала).

Благодаря технологиям (multi-чтение с проверкой и AccurateRip), по которым она работает, стало возможным копирование файлов с неисправных аудио CD. В процессе копирования происходит исправление ошибок. Если возникнут неисправимые ошибки, Exact Audio Copy укажет позицию времени с искажением для облегчения контроля.

Программа бесплатна для некоммерческого использования, так что скачать бесплатно Exact Audio Copy rus можно на официальном сайте разработчика. Приложение автоматически регулирует скорость чтения в зависимости от диска, на определенный процент нормализует извлеченные аудио файлы, а также использует ACM Кодеки для прямого сжатия.

Предусматривает автоматическое переименование файлов согласно ID3-тегам и поддержку CD-Text. Имеется небольшой WAV редактор с некоторыми полезными функциями: удаление, обрезка, нормализация, интерполяция диапазонов, снижение шума и многое другое.

Первой по-настоящему стабильной версией является Exact Audio Copy rus с исправленными ошибками. Эта версия включает в себя написанный Григорием Чудовым плагин CTDB. По умолчанию он не установлен, его надо установить самому.


Exact audio copy dvd

EAC is “Exact Audio Copy”. It will help you to copy (extract) audio tracks, or even parts of them, to the harddisk. In newer versions it also includes some audio CD writing routines and a small audio editor.

Why should I use EAC, instead of AudioGrabber, WinDAC, etc.?

EAC features some special read modes, known as “Secure Modes”. Using these secure modes, every sector read will be doublechecked and reread or corrected if necessary. On many drives the extraction is not error free, thus these routines will make sure the track is read correctly.

Audio extraction is purely digital, how could unremarked errors occur?

The data transmission itself is purely digital and also the data stored on the CD. But the Red Book standard (standard for audio CDs) is very weak and only little error correction will be performed in the drive. So on bad CD-ROM drives it is possible that you receive erroneous results.

I want to install a newer version of EAC, do I have to uninstall the previous install first?

Unless otherwise indicated on a new release, for updates just extract the new exe file in your EAC dir. (I.e. overwrite the old exe) and you will retain the old settings. If you want to delete the old options nevertheless, just delete the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AWSoftware\EAC .

How can I uninstall / remove EAC from my computer?

Uninstalling EAC is quite forward: Usually EAC lists itself under Start, All Programs in a folder called Exact Audio Copy. In that folder there is an entry called Uninstall. Click on this entry and follow the dialogs that are shown on the screen, confirm that you really want to uninstall EAC from your computer.
If you don’t have any start menu entry for EAC (or can’t find it), for Windows XP go to Start, Control Panel and then double click Add or Remove Programs. For Windows Vista go to Start, Control Panel and then click Programs and Features. In the Currently installed programs box, choose “Exact Audio Copy” and press the Change or Change/Remove button. Follow the dialogs that are shown on the screen, confirm that you really want to uninstall EAC from your computer.

Where is the official homepage for EAC? Where can I download new versions?

It is at http://www.ExactAudioCopy.de/ There you will find a download page and a forum for persons who dislike the mailing list, but is not as good supported as the mailing list.

I downloaded the file EAC.ZIP from your homepage. Whenever I doubleclick on the file a text editor opens and shows garbage. How can I start EAC?

A ZIP file contains compressed files. This is easier for the transmission of several files. For decompression you need an UnZIP program like WinZIP.

I only own a very bad soundcard, or no soundcard at all… Does this matters?

No, your soundcard has nothing to do with ripping or burning cds. If you use digital extraction (which EAC does), you are not using the soundcard to create the wav, it’s read directly from the cd.

What is meant by “on-the-fly” ?

This means that one action is performed while (or intermixed with) another action. So e.g. if you extract and compress at once (and not extract first and compress afterwards), you could call it on-the-fly compression.

What are gaps (pre-track gaps)?

When playing an audio CD in a standalone player, often the time display will show up negative values before actually starting a track. This gap is usually used for seperate two different tracks. If jumping to a specific track, it will start with the actual music, only when running into a track the gap occurs.

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Is it possible to extract audio digitally from a (Video) DVD?

Yes, but not using EAC and though it’s more manual work. For an unprotected DVD, the only hardware you will need is a DVD drive and a software to demultiplex the VOB files into the audio streams (usually compressed in AC3 or DTS). Then you need a programm to decompress these compressed files (a AC3 decompressor or a DTS decompressor).
“Real” Audio DVDs and SACD have a compression scheme that is not yet by software decodeable (MLP from Audio DVDs should be playable with some Creative hardware though).

Do you plan to release a Linux or MAC version of EAC?

Sorry, no Linux nor MAC version is planned at all. But it is reported that EAC runs in an emulation layer (WINE for Linux and Virtual PC Win 98 for MAC), so if you own this software have a try.

I use Windows NT/2000, but EAC seems to have problems to store the options or get any SCSI response.

Make sure you start EAC from an admin account, as some functions need a to access low level system routines, which are not accessable from user accounts. If you use the “Native SCSI Interface”, try the “ASPI Interface” instead, perhaps it will already help.
A user send this suggestion, feel free to try it out :
In administrator mode, Start, Run, MMC
Console Menu, Add/Remove Snap-in
Group Policy
(Group Policy will be shown as “Local Computer Policy”. Actually, if your computer receives its policies from a network server, it won’t show and you’ll have to set it directly on the server, ask your admin then. )
On the tree, Console Root, Local Computer Policy, Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Local Policies, Security Options
Find “Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only”. It should be disabled by default. Enable it.
No need to reboot, when quitting MMC, no need to save.
What this does is allow any local software to lock the drive for exclusive use. What this removes is the ability to use the CD-Rom as a Terminal Services client. With this, EAC works seamlessly. It also makes it possible to use a CD-Writer as restricted user with whatever software you choose.

When trying to install EAC in Windows NT or Windows 2000, I get the following error message: “The DLL WNASPI32.DLL could not be found in the specified path” then a list of paths. I searched my hard drives and the named DLL does not exist on my machine. I found the DLL on the web and installed it into windows\system32\. Then I tried to re-install EAC and got the following error message: “The ASPI interface could not be initialized correctly! (Error E4h) (ASPI for Windows failed init)”. What now?

EAC needs a driver called “ASPI”, it is an SCSI driver, but works also with IDE CD-ROM drives (not a single file, but a complete package, so installing just the DLL won’t help). It is included in Win95/98, but not in Windows NT/2000. The newer versions of EAC should not absolute need ASPI anymore, but ASPI would be nevertheless the most stable. ASPI is available from different manufacturers (of SCSI interface cards), but it seems that the only working one with EAC is coming from Adaptec.
First of all you should upgrade to a newer version of EAC, as ASPI is not absolutely necessary any more.

What is the difference between ASPI, ASAPI and Native drivers?

EAC communicates directly with the CD-ROM drives. For this EAC make use of several interfaces which do the low level work. You can choose the interface by your own in the EAC options (depending which interfaces are installed in your computer).
ASPI is from Adaptec, it comes preinstalled in Win95/98. In all other Windows it needs to be installed, but in these OS the installer tests if any Adaptec hardware is in your computer. Nevertheless you can try to install it, download for Windows 95 only and all other windows versions.
VOB produced a replacement called ASAPI. It is freely available from here.
In WinNT/2000/XP EAC is able to use a native interface in that OS. This is still buggy and only recommended when you don’t want to install 3rd party software. Nevertheless, this will only work if you are logged in with admin rights. If you encounter problems, it is strongly recommended to download ASAPI and to change the interface to that.


Exact Audio Copy 1.6

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Exact Audio Copy – бесплатный инструмент (на русском) для копирования песен с CD-Audio дисков на жесткий диск и сохранения их в форматах MP3, WMA, FLAC и OGG. Приложение известно своим отличным исправлением ошибок, помогающим читать данные с поцарапанных компакт-дисков и точным копированием звуковых дорожек.

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В пакет также входит простой аудиоредактор и модуль записи AudioCD, которого достаточно для создания резервных копий или собственных сборников. Пользователи, которые ищут бесплатную программу для копирования песен с CD-Audio, оценят возможности приложения Extract Audio Copy.

Программа позволяет использовать интернет-базы данных песен (CDDB), что позволяет автоматически копировать файл под именем конкретной песни.

Одна из лучших программ для копирования аудио из CD-дисков

EAC использует передовые технологии, которые позволяют копировать на жесткий диск весь саундтрек с компакт-диска. Кроме того, он предлагает необходимые функции для устранения помех, сбоев и других технических ошибок в обработанных музыкальных файлах.

Программа поддерживает все типы CD и DVD, а также оптические приводы, подключенные через USB, FireWire, SATA или SCSI.

Функция нормализации аудио-файлов

Exact Audio Copy характеризуется безопасным, быстрым и современным методом загрузки всего содержимого аудио компакт-дисков. Мы найдем в нем простой и удобный редактор файлов WAV, который позволяет удалить, обрезать и разделить музыкальные файлы и устранить кратковременные помехи.

EAC со встроенным модулем AccurateRip

Бесплатная программа Exact Audio Copy поддерживает технологию AccurateRip для копирования и сжатия аудио компакт-дисков с музыкой.

Механизм AccurateRip проверяет скопированные песни на основе контрольной суммы с теми, которые хранятся в базе данных Интернета, давая пользователю четкое сообщение о правильности операции копирования музыки.

Редактор макета CD

Инструмент также имеет встроенный мультимедийный проигрыватель для прослушивания оригинальной и конвертированной музыки. Кроме того, он поддерживает кодировку LAME DLL, полезную для сжатия файлов MP3 на лету, а также предлагает полезный редактор макетов CD, полезный для иллюстрации макета CD/DVD.

Exact Audio Copy предлагает функцию простых изменений в файлах: уменьшение шума, настройку громкости, удаление ошибок и т. д.

Плюсы и минусы Exact Audio Copy

+ Программа Exact Audio Copy бесплатная и на русском языке;

+ Просто вставьте компакт-диск, с которого вы хотите скопировать, откройте Exact Audio Copy и выберите тип файла (WAV (аудиофайл), MP3, IMG (изображения), WRI (текст);

+ Есть множество других функций, помимо копирования аудио-файлов с CD дисков;

+ EAC чрезвычайно хорош при копировании с поврежденных и защищенных DRM компакт-дисков.

– Будет немного сложно разобраться неопытным пользователям.

Если вы ищете альтернативу программе Exact Audio Copy, мы рекомендуем вам скачать CDex или Audiograbber.

Скачать последнюю версию Exact Audio Copy бесплатно [32-/64-bit]

Бесплатно скачивайте программу Exact Audio Copy (версия 1.6) 32-/64-bit размером 4,9 Мб по ссылкам ниже с официального сайта или нашего сервера. Программа поддерживается Windows 7, 8, 10.


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Exact Audio Copy (aka EAC) is a so called audio grabber for audio CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives. It works with a technology, which reads audio CDs almost perfectly. If there are any errors that can’t be corrected, it will tell you on which time position the (possible) distortion occurred, so you could easily control it with e.g. the media player. With other audio grabbers you usually need to listen to every grabbed wave because they only do jitter correction. Scratched CDs read on CD-ROM drives often produce distortions. But listening to every extracted audio track is a waste of time. Exact Audio Copy conquer these problems by making use of several technologies like multi-reading with verify and AccurateRip.

1.6 (November 11, 2020)


Download old versions

Freeware (Free download and usage!)

Supported operating systems


Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What’s New

— Standard setup now using gnudb.org instead of freedb.org for
— Several small problems with secondary encoder
— Fixed problems with the Musicbrainz plugin
— Several smaller bugs removed

All features

All kinds of CD and DVD drives are supported (including USB, Firewire, SATA and SCSI drives)
Hidden sector synchronization (jitter correction)

A secure, a fast and a burst extraction methods selectable. Fast extraction should run at the same speed as other grabbers with jitter correction, but is probably not exact anymore. Burst mode just grabs the audio data without any synchronization.
Detection of read errors and complete losses of sync and correction in the secure mode, as far as possible
Output of time positions of all non-exact corrections and the possibility to listen to these positions

EAC is able to copy ranges of music data, not only tracks
Automatic speed reduction on read errors and fallback to a higher speed afterwards (depends on the used drive)
Volume normalization of extracted audio to a given percentage
Usage of the Windows Audio Compression manager (ACM Codecs) for direct compression to e.g. MP3 waves
Support for the LAME DLL that is usable like an ACM Codec for on-the-fly MP3 compression
Support of external MP3, WMA, flac and OggVorbis encoders for automatic compression after extraction (supports multi-processor environments)
Batch compression to WAV files and decompression of supported encoded files to WAV
Compression offset support for exact compression/decompression
Detection of pre-track gaps (positions where negative track times runs towards 00:00:00)
Detection of silence in pre-track gaps
Automatic creation of CUE sheets for Burnnn, Feurio, Nero or even EAC, which can include all gaps, indicies, track attributes, UPC and ISRC and also CD-Text for an exact copy
CD player functionality and prelistening to selected ranges
Automatic detection of drive features, whether a drive has an accurate stream and/or does caching
Sample offsets for drives with noaccurate streams, including the option of filling up missing samples with silence
Synchronizing between tracks for non-accurate stream drives
Trackname editing with local/remote CD databases support and more features like ID3 tagging
Browse and edit local database
Certified Escient ® CDDB(TM)Compatible
Local CDDB support
Record and loop record functions for recording from LP, radio, etc.
Automatic renaming of MP3 files accordingto their ID3 tag
Catalog extraction function (e.g. first 20 seconds of a track)
Multisession (CD-Extra) support
CD-Text support
CD-Write support for some drives (internally and using CDRDAO)
ID3 V1.1 tag editor with drag and drop ability from track listing and CD database browser
Glitch removal after extraction
Small WAV editor with the following functionality: delete, trim, normalize, pad, glitch removal, pop detection, interpolation of ranges, noise reduction, fade in/out, undo (and much more)
Program is free for personal use, so feel free to copy

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A great freeware tool, but a major headache for any noobie to set up. Requires intensive reading up on the settings etc. I prefer to use dBpoweramp for my ripping and converting as it is much easier to set up/use. In real terms very little quality differences between them except the one above is totally free and the daddy of em all!

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