Net exited on with error code 1

Net exited on with error code 1

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Друзья, пытаюсь подключить сетевой диск на удаленной машине через PsExec.


>PsExec.exe \\Ws1 -u domain\user -p password net use z: \\Ws2\SharedFolder

Команда выполнена успешно.

net exited on Ws1 with error code 0.

>PsExec.exe \\Ws1 -u domain\user -p password net use

Новые подключения не будут запомнены.

В списке нет элементов.

net exited on Ws1 with error code 0.

2. С параметром ‘-e’:

>PsExec.exe -u domain\user -p password \\ws1 -e net use z: \\Ws2\SharedFolder

Команда выполнена успешно.

net exited on ws1 with error code 0.

>PsExec.exe -u domain\user -p password \\ws1 net use

Новые подключения будут запомнены.

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net exited on ws1 with error code 0.

3. Запускаю net use через cmd на стороне клиента с параметрами ‘-i’ и ‘-d’:

>PsExec.exe -i -d -u domain\user -p password \\ws1 cmd /c net use z: \\Ws2\SharedFolder

cmd started on ws1 with process ID 3516.

>PsExec.exe -u domain\user -p password \\ws1 net use

Новые подключения будут запомнены.

Состояние Локальный Удаленный Сеть

net exited on ws1 with error code 0.

В итоге первый вариант вообще не создает диска, а второй и трейтий делают диск недоступным.

Помогите, пожалуйста, разобраться.

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Редактировать | Профиль | Сообщение | Цитировать | Сообщить модератору А сетевые права на \\Ws2\SharedFolder и файловые права на SharedFolder в каком отношении находятся с domain\user?

Очень скоро еда станет совершенно безвкусной, и тогда этот недостаток придётся компенсировать хорошо развитым воображением.
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Редактировать | Профиль | Сообщение | Цитировать | Сообщить модератору urodliv, на шару \\Ws2\SharedFolder установлен полный доступ для группы Все. Также пробовал явно назначать полные права для domain\user — результат такой же.
К тому же, если локально из-под этого пользователя создавать сетевой диск — все успешно создается и доступ к этому диску имеется.


>PsExec.exe -e cmd /c net use z: \\Ws2\SharedFolder /user:domain\user password

Команда выполнена успешно.

net exited on ws1 with error code 0.

>PsExec.exe \\ws1 net use

Новые подключения будут запомнены.

Состояние Локальный Удаленный Сеть

net exited on ws1 with error code 0.

Думал, что сработало, но потом залез на машину, а там диска не оказалось. Повторил PsExec.exe \\ws1 net use еще раз и мне выдало состояние «Нет доступа»

В общем, исходя из рассуждений отсюда:


dotnet.exe exited with code 1

C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\6.0.301\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk.BlazorWebAssembly\
targets\Microsoft.NET.Sdk.BlazorWebAssembly.6_0.targets(614,5): Error MSB6006: «dotnet.exe» exited with code 1.

I m getting this error on publish the project of blazor web assembly project

I tried by deleting bin and obj folder but did not work.
I am using VS 2022 17.2.5

How I can resolve this ?

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And the issue might relate to the location of your project, the path might contain the blank spaces, try to remove the blank spaces, or change the project location to the path without blank spaces.

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Try the following

Solution 1
This could happen if you don’t have the correct framework installed. Go to to get the latest framework.

Solution 2
It turns out that if there are no files output in the target bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.1 path, the process just quit. So make sure to re-enable (check) the Build option for that project in the Configuration Manager so that all project assemblies are built to generate output files that runs the project.

I cant guarantee you that they will run but try them


cmd exited with error code 1

I am trying to search a file on remote PC using PSEXEC, however I am getting the above mentioned error.

Can any please suggest any change in the command or some thing else, that can assist in making it work. Online search suggests that this isn’t the issue of PSEXEC, instead is caused by explorer.exe on remote host.

I have added picture of my result. I have tried the command with quotes on file name and without. both have same error.

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This command dir exists with code 1 and message «File Not Found». Because you run cmd with param /c than it return same error code like dir and it is equal 1.

It is correct behaviour.

If you want to find a file, than use command where /r c:\ d.txt . This command was added in Windows 7.

Or use dir /S /P «d.txt» for older OS

Open Registry Editor by pressing windows+r then type regedit and press enter now in the search bar paste the below line

Here if you filed many registry values then delete all of them except the default one as they are the main reason for the error code 1 shown by the command prompt. So after removing all of them.

Edit the default registry value and in ‘data’ insert cmd and save it

Your problem is solved!! if not then clear the data of the default registry.


How can I resolve the error: «The command [. ] exited with code 1»?

I’ve read around many questions but I’ve not been able to find the right answer for me.

As I try to compile a project in VS2012 I have this result:

The command «. \tools\bin\nuget pack Packages\Lib.Html.nuspec — OutputDirectory . \bin\Zip\Packages -NoPackageAnalysis» exited with code 1.

I looked for the line of code in my .csproj file, where the error should be, and there is:

What am I doing wrong?

[EDIT] Launching the Debug of that project and ignoring «building errors», I have a new alert:

«Visual Studio cannot start debugging because the debug target ‘[project.exe path]’ is missing. Please build the project and retry, or set OutputPath and AssemblyName properties appropriately to point at the correct location for the target assembly.»

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The first step is figuring out what the error actually is. In order to do this expand your MsBuild output to be diagnostic. This will reveal the actual command executed and hopefully the full error message as well

  • Tools -> Options
  • Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run
  • Change «MsBuild project build output verbosity» to «Diagnostic».

Right click project -> Properties -> Build Events

Remove the text in Post-build event command line text block

For me : I have a white space in my path’s folder name G:\Other Imp Projects\Mi.

Solution 1 :

Remove white space from folder

Example: Other Imp Projects ->> Other_Imp_Projects

Solution 2:

add Quote ( «» ) for your path.

Example: mkdir «$(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)Configurations» //see double quotes

Try to open Visual Studio as admin.

For me, in VS 2013, I had to get rid of missing references under References in the UI project (MVC). Turns out, the ones missing were not referenced.

I know this is too late for sure, but, this could help someone as well.

In my case, i found that the source file is being used by another process which was restricting from copying to the destination. I found that by using command prompt ( just copy paste the post build command to the command prompt and executed gave me the error info).

Make sure that you can copy from the command prompt,

This builds on the answer from JaredPar. and is for VS2017. The same «Build and Run» options are present in Visual Studio 2017.

I was getting, The command «chmod +x «»» exited with code 1

In the build output window, I searched for «Error» and found a few errors in the same general area. I was able to click on a link in the build output, and found that the error involved this entry in the .targets file:

In the build output, I also found a more detailed error message that essentially stated that it couldn’t find Selenium.WebDriver.ChromeDriver v2.36 in the packages folder it was looking in. I checked the project’s NuGet packages, and version 2.36 was indeed in the list of installed packages. I did find the package files for 2.36, and changed the attributes on the folder, subfolders and files from «Read Only» to «Read/Write». Built, but same failure. Sometimes «updating» to a different version of the package and then updating back to the original can fix this type of error. So I «updated» the reference in Manage NuGet packages to 2.37, built, failed, then «updated» back to 2.36, built, and the build succeeded without the «chmod +x» error message.

The project I was building was based on a Visual Studio Project template for Appium test tooling, template name «Develop_Automated_Test».


«npm install» exited with code -1 on dotnet publish #9593


Steps to reproduce

  • Update SPA templates with dotnet new —install Microsoft.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates::2.0.0 .
  • Create a new SPA app with dotnet new angular .
  • Run dotnet restore in the root.
  • Run npm i in the ClientApp .
  • Run dotnet publish -c release -r win-x64 in the root.

Expected behavior

Get a published app.

Actual behavior

Get the error MSB3073: The command «npm install» exited with code -1. .

Additional info

App successfully run in debug mode in VS code. Only publish doesn’t work.

Environment data

dotnet —info output:

dotnet publish -c release -r win-x64 -v diag output (>38MB):

pt.csproj source code:

netcoreapp2.0 true Latest false ClientApp\ $(DefaultItemExcludes);$(SpaRoot)node_modules\** false

‘%(FullPath)’)» Exclude=»@(ResolvedFileToPublish)»> %(DistFiles.Identity) PreserveNewest

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:

Tried to fool dotnet and write as an instruction. Still get the same error (partially) — error MSB3073: The command «npm install & exit 0» exited with code -1. .

Updated node to 8.11.3 . No errors now.

I have here the current vs code version with .net core and node 12, already tried with node 10 and I can reproduce the issue, any ideas how this can be fixed?

try and edit your project file by removing the section below:

Then save, re-publish again.

Well, the publish is now working, but core is now not find the npm.

and yes, node and npm are sure installed and accessable via normal terminal in the container etc.


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